On January 9th 2017 North Point Coaching Academy held their first ‘meet up’ for 2017 and I was thrilled to be invited by Matt Trenchard and Sarah Anthony to facilitate the session on ‘Performance Management and Coaching’.

The theme of the discussion is very relevant for many organisations who are continually reviewing the success of their performance management processes and for those who have moved away from the traditional annual appraisal model and have initiated changes to a more coaching based approach.

The evening was full of sharing ideas and information of what works well and identifying improvements that can be made.

I shared stories of what companies have been doing and how the need for agility, people development and collaboration are key drivers for change.

The most fundamental discussion of the evening was about what each person present can do to facilitate the necessary changes; and how in their area of expertise whether that be as a coach, management consultant, HR practitioner, learning and development specialist can contribute to a performance management model that enables people development.

Thank you to Matt Trenchard and Sarah Anthony for inviting me and for giving me the opportunity to facilitate some very informative discussions on a topic close to my heart.